Sponsor Youth Projects

The rural dalit youth grow unguided and misguided. They need to be helped in every way of life like education, vocational trainings, sports etc. Rosary Trust has started a gymnasium and sports.It is going to start a computer center and a center of fine arts.


Sponsor Rehabilitaion of Handicaps

Handicapped persons always need help. Most of them are neglected. They are wandering around without a hope. Rosary Trust has started a blind home where blind persons are sheltered. They are given food, medicines, clothes, and vocational trainings in spinning plastic wire cots and chairs, making candles, making phenols and selling them.

Sponsor Building A House For A Homeless Family Cost Breaks

Donation Details Quantity Cost in INR
Cements 200 bags X 360 72000.00
Bricks 12000 X 7 84000.00
Sand 12 units X 5000 60000.00
Metal Stones 4 units X 5000 20000.00
Big Stones 5 units X 4000 20000.00
Iron Rods 300 kg X 80 24000.00
Mason Labors 50 men X 500 25000.00
Concrete Labors 30 men X 350 10500.00
Coolie Labors 100 men X 300 30000.00
Extra Fittings 2 doors & 4 Wins 30000.00
Paintings 100kg powder & paints & Labors 30000.00
Admin Costs 3000.00
Feedback cost 500.00
Total INR 409,000.00

Sponsor Winter Clothings For A Poor Elderly Cost Breaks

Donation Details Cost in INR
A Blanket 500.00
A Sweater 400.00
A Warm Woolen Cap 120.00
A Bed sheet & a Towel 300.00
Feedback & admin cost 80.00
Total INR 1400.00



Sponsor Rs. 1400 To Educate 1 Student For 1 Year Cost Breaks

Donation Details Cost in INR
Uniform Dress (2 sets) 1000.00
Books, Notes & writing tools 1100.00
Exam Fees 300.00
School Bag 300.00
Feedback & admin cost 100.00
Total INR 2800.00

Sponsor 1 Day Medical Camp In A Poor Village Cost Breaks

Donation Details Cost in INR
Medicines of common treatments 2500.00
Transporting & procuring medicines 300.00
Nurses Salary 600.00
Feedback cost 100.00
Total INR 3500.00

Sponsor A Cow For Income Generation For A Poor Woman Cost Breaks

Donation Details Cost in INR
A cow with insurance premium of Rs.500 36000.00
Conveyance sourcing of a cow 500.00
Brokerage fee 600.00
Auto charge for transporting the cow 1000.00
Feed for 6 months 3000.00
Feedback cost 100.00
Total INR 41200.00


Sponsor A Sewing Machine For A Poor Young Girl Cost Breaks

Donation Details Cost in INR
Cost of sewing machine 7,500.00
Transportion Charge 500.00
Feedback cost 00.00
Total INR 8000,00