Project Area

The project area of the Rosary Trust is 25 villages in and around K.Kailasapuram, Gangaikondan PO, Trinelveli Dt, 627352, Tamil Nadu, India. It is a rural area 20 km away from the town of Trinelveli, in south Tamil Nadu, 100 km before reaching Kannyakumari, the last south tip of India, where all three major seas of subcontinent meet. It is an interior landscape 50 km away from the coastal town of Tuticorin in the east.

The 25 villages are K.Kailasapuram, Pudhur, Kodiyankulam, Keezhakottai, Madathupatti, Anaithalayur, Punganur, Marudhanvazhvu, Kovindharam, Veppankulam, Dhuraiyur, Kalappaipatti, Naraikinaru, Kovalapuram, Pulliyampatti, Savalaperi, Akkanayakanpatti, Pottalnagar, Rajapudhukudi, Dalayalnadandhankulam, Parithikulam, Kalaignarnagar, Puliampa


The population of the project area (25 villages) is 40,000. 55% are male and 45% are female. 20% of the population are elderly. Child birth is low due to medical family planning. Very few families have 3 children. 50% of the population, mostly among the aged, are illiterate. Most women are illiterate or little educated. The whole population suffer some disease or other. 3% of the population are singles either bachelor or widower or widow. 5% are handicapped in some form or other. 80% are poor. 20% do not own house. 50% are landless.


  • 1 Sponsor Youth Projects
  • 2 Sponsor Rehabilitaion of Handicaps
  • 3 Please Sponsor Rs. 900 to feed & shelter
    1 aged for 1 month.
  • 4 Please Sponsor Rs. 950 to buy
    winter clothings for 1 aged.
  • 5 Please Sponsor Rs. 1400 to educate
    1 student for 1 year
  • 4 Please Sponsor Rs. 2000 to conduct
    1 day medical camp in a village.
  • 4 Please Sponsr Rs. 14, 500 to
    buy a cow for a widow.
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