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Projects of Rosary Trust

Home for the neglected aged

Presently there are 50 neglected aged persons taken care of. Many more aged are coming in. It will reach 100 in this year. They are given free food, shelter, clothes, medicines etc.

Home for the Blind Persons

Presently there are 45 neglected blind persons taken care of.  Many more blind persons are coming in.  They are given free food, shelter, clothes, medicines etc.

Free cow for income generation for poor women

So far 4 free cows have been given to 4 poor widows. The poor women are widows, unwedded mothers, women with handicapped or sickly husbands with many children. They have to work hard to bring up the children. The Free cow will help them to earn their living.

Free Educational tools of poor village students

In our rural area the families are mostly coolie workers. Therefore the education of children is very low. So the trust helps the poor students with books, bags, uniform dresses, note books, fees, and other educational tools.

Free sewing machine for poor women

The village women are educated very less due to the poor social and cultural background. Tailoring is a very good skill to empower these women.So the trust gives free sewing machines to poor women. It also trains them in tailoring.

Free toilet cum bathroom for poor family

The rural dalit people are not keeping their surroundings hygienic. They often fall sick and the children are affected. Therefore the trust has planed to build free toilet cum bathroom for those families who are so poor. Their houses can become hygienic and their children can be healthy.

Construction of movable shop for poor family

A few rural people have very good business mind but can not run business to make a living due to poverty. So the trust has planned to make a movable shop for these families. So that they can run a small business and earn their living.

Free medicines for poor villages

Most of the Indian villages lack medical facilities. The villagers are very attacked by common diseases. So they go to towns and cities to see a doctor only to spend all they earn by coolie works. So the trust has planed to give free medicines to these poor villagers to keep them healthy as well as to save their earnings.

Winter clothing for poor elderly persons

Poor rural people can not have better clothings. The elderly persons just can not think of it. The winter is the worst time for these elderly. They do not even have an ordinary bed sheet to cover.Therefore the trust has planned to give these poor elderly winter clothings like blanket, sweater, monkey cap etc.

Building Shelters for neglected aged

The home for the aged has no proper shelters to accommodate the incoming neglected aged. So the trust has planned to build shelters. So that many more neglected aged can be taken care of. A shelter can house 10 aged. Such 10 shelters need to be built urgently.

Building Shelters for Blind Persons

The home for the blind persons has no proper shelters to accommodate the blind persons.  So Rosary Trust has planned to build shelters.  So that many more neglected blind persons could be taken care of.  A shelter can house 10 persons.  Such 10 shelters need to be built very urgently.

Starting a Higher Secondary School for Dalit Students

The rural dalit students can not go to cities for higher Secondary School for it is very expensive there. So the trust has planed to buy enough land and build a Higher Secondary School.

Starting a College for Dalit Students

The rural dalit students can not go to cities for college studies for it is very expensive and fearful. So the trust has planed to buy enough land and build a college.

Starting an Industrial School

The rural dalit students need industrial school training for employment opportunities. The dalits are very backward in their life position. So they need industrial school trainings which will faster their development. So the trust has planed to build an industrial school.

Starting an hospital for poor villagers

The rural dalit people do not have much medical facilities locally. They have to far away cities for their treatment which is very expensive. They are just poor coolies. So the trust has planed to build a hospital to treat the poor dalit freely and improve their health situations.

Housing Project

There is a big need to build free houses for the homeless families in these rural areas. The homeless families are not able to save money to build houses for themselves. The medical expenses eat away their earnings. So they need free houses built for them.

Youth Projects

The rural dalit youth grow unguided and misguided. They need to be helped in every way of life like education, vocational trainings, sports etc. Rosary Trust has started a gymnasium and sports. It is going to start a computer center and a center of fine arts.

Handicapped Projects

Handicapped persons always need help. Most of them are neglected. They are wandering around without a hope. Rosary Trust has started a blind home where blind persons are sheltered. They are given food, medicines, clothes, and vocational trainings in spinning plastic wire cots and chairs, making candles, making phenols and selling them.


The declaration of Rosary Trust Deed is executed at Gangaikondan on the 17th day of March 1997 by Mr. C. Jebamalai, aged 36 years, and residing at K.Kailasapuram, Gangaikondan PO, Trinelveli Dt, 627352, Tamil Nadu, hereinafter called the Author of the Trust whereas the Author of the Trust,




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