Annual Reports



ROSARY TRUST was established and registered on March 17, 1997 as a nonprofit trust under the trust act, 1976, at K.Kailasapuram, Gangaikondan, Trinelveli Dt, Tamil Nadu – 627352. Ph: 0461-2930015: M: 9894857351: Email: Website:


To make the world a place where the poor can have every right to work, to speak, to live, and to enjoy all benefits of the world.


To render service in any form, physical, intellectual, psychological, material or moral, to the socially afflicted, the economically downtrodden, the retarded and the disoriented youth irrespective of age, sex, caste, creed, color or economical status.


To educate, to train, and rehabilitate the socially afflicted, the economically downtrodden, the aged, the physically and mentally disabled and the disoriented youth.
To affiliate and to help like-minded institutions working for the training and rehabilitation of the above mentioned underprivileged persons in every walk of life.
To set up appropriate small scale and cottage industries or handicrafts to provide job oriented training and employment opportunities for the youth and the handicapped.
To acquire by gift, purchase, lease or otherwise movable and immovable properties to administer such properties for the purpose of the Rosary Trust, and if the need arises to sell, to exchange, to lease out or dispose such properties as the Trust may deem fit.
To collaborate with other societies and institutions for the social service of the poor and the downtrodden in India.


Fr. Iruthayaraj Thusnevish, after finishing education of M.A. in sociology and religious studies B.Ph. in philosophy and B.Th. in Theology, realized that the poor, the downtrodden and especially the dalits are not respected by any institution in the world.  They are either neglected or rejected.  Therefore, he in 1997 established Rosary Trust to work towards the abolishing all negative aspects of the world.


Full Time Staff:   6
Part Time Staff:   6
Volunteers:         2


  • A Home for the aged, sheltering 50 neglected aged.
  • 7 houses built for homeless families.
  • 117 sewing machines given to poor young women.
  •  200 poor students helped for 1 year education.
  • 25 Women trained in tailoring and sewing machines given.
  • 46 free medical camps conducted in poor villages.
  • 510 poor aged given winter clothing.
  • 11 Cows gifted to destitute women.
  • 2 toilets cum bathroom built for poor families.
  • 12 Free Tuition centers are being run in 12 dalit village
  • A Home for the handicapped, sheltering 50 neglected handicapped.


1. Home for the Aged:

Rosary Trust is running a home for the aged for last 20 years.  About 200 neglected aged have been sheltered and taken care of.  Now there are 50 aged.  All the aged are from the nearby rural villages.  The home is run in the village style.  They are given simple food as to avoid any stomach problems.  Medicines are also provided.  They are clothed as well.  All are done with the help of little donations locally got.  Now from July, 2007, Give India is supporting the home for the aged.

Background of Activity:

Many aged are abandoned.  They come to our home for the aged.  But we are not able to take them because of lack of donations.  We need to build more halls and more fund to accommodate them.  The rural situations are becoming bad to worse.  There is no rain for the last 35 years due to global heat.  The village farmers can not cultivate anymore.  The families are growing poorer and poorer.   Poverty is creeping into the area like earth worms.
The aged are more vulnerable to the poverty situations.  They are made to work.  They are not respected.  They are not given food.  Finally they are driven out.  They can not go to the cities.  If they go to the city, the homes there do not take them.  Thus the rural aged persons are twice driven out.  Rosary Trust is running a village home for the aged to take care of the rural neglected aged.  This is a twice challenged problem.

2. Winter Clothings for Poor Aged

In the rural area the aged are not taken care of.  They are poorly clothed.  They do not have even a single sheet to cover themselves and have nothing to protect from cold in winter.  So Rosary Trust is giving winter clothings which consist of a blanket, a monkey cap and sweater.  So far 510 aged have been gifted with winter clothings.

3. Empowerment of Women

(i)  Tailoring Center

A Tailoring Center is started this year to employ poor women tailors.  This is to create job opportunities for the rural poor women.  They are given training in tailoring and then given tailoring works.  25 women have been trained so far.  They can earn more than a coolie woman laborer.

(ii) Sewing Machine to Poor Women

This project is started 10 years back to empower rural poor women.  Through the help of Give India, 117 poor women have been given a sewing machine each.  They have been given training in tailoring to stitch different clothes.  Now they are happy that they can earn a living for themselves.

(iii) Cow to Poor Women

This project was started 10 years back to empower rural poor women.  Through the help of Give India, 11 cows have been gifted to 11 poor women.  Now they are happy that they can earn a living for themselves.

4. Education of Poor Students

This project was started 10 years back to help in the education of poor students. Through the support of Giveindia, 200 students have been helped so far.  They are given school uniforms, books, notes, bags, fees, etc.

5. Free Medical Camp in Poor Villages

In the villages around the trust, many of the people are poor.  They are hard workers but unable to save their earnings due to their vast medical expenses because, everyone has got some disease or other.  The trust has planned to conduct free medical camp once a month in poor villages. With the sponsorship of Give India, 46 free medical camps have been conducted.

Diseases like headache, fever, cold, leg pain, knees pain, skin disease, ulcer, gastric problems, neck pain, asthma, urinary trouble, neurotic problems, stroke, sugar and pressure problems, and bodily wounds have been treated.  All are tested for temperatures, pulses, pressures and sugars.  Appropriate tablets like Paracetamol for fever and headache, diclofanec for pains, and sugar and pressure tablets have been given to the patients.  Trips have been given for weaker patients.  Apart from the camp the villagers also come to the trust office dispensary for free medicines.  Now the villagers are happy and confident in their health.  They work hard and save the money for their future life.

6. Free Tuition Centers

The dalit villages are poor and backward in the project area.  Most of the village adults are illiterate.  There is primary school in each village but the children soon get dropped saying they are not capable of studying.  The parents accept it. The teachers do not persuade and educate them.

Rosary Trust made a study and found that children need good teachers and tutors.  The trust started free evening tuition centers in 20 villages.  The children are encouraged to come to the tuition by many ways.   The children realize that they could study and get progress in life.  Many of them are going to high school now.

7.  Home For The Handicapped

Rosary Trust is running home for the handicapped at Tirunelveli Town.  There are 50 handicapped persons sheltered.  Most of them are blind.  They are from 4 districts of Tirunelveli, Tuticorin, Virudhunagar and Kannyakumari.  There are schools and hostels for the handicapped in these districts, but after their studies they are not settled properly due to lack of proper rehabilitations for them.  This home is a boon for them.

As adults the blind and the handicapped could not run along in normal life in the society.  Still they need some sort of support.  This home for the handicapped is providing such support.  Adult handicapped are sheltered and are given opportunities to work and earn.  They are given food, clothes and medicines as they could not earn enough for themselves.

4. Account Statements for 2014-2015

Receipts and Payments Account for the year ended 31.03.2015
To Opening Balance By Food Exps 697826.00
Cash in hand 2371.02 ” Telephone 26860.00
To Cash at Bank ” Fuel 26376.00
”    ICICI Bank 26000.46 ” Medicines 66191.00
”    ICICI Bank (FCRA) 17773.95 ” Electiricity 64206.00
To Receipts ” Postage & Stationery 3059.00
”    Local donation ” Travel Transportation 20400.00
               Rosary Trust 1917297.00 ” Utensils 20209.00
               Give India FC Fund -Give India 9886.50 ” Vehicle Maintenance 376211.00
”   Give India USD Fund 77128.15 ” Salary 519100.00
”   Give India Local Fund 428278.30 ” Rent 91500.00
”   Bank Interest 6131.00 ” Student Project 19880.00
”    Bank Interest FC A/c 395.00 ” Winter clothes 107880.00
” Sewing machines 79020.00
” Misc. Expenses 130691.00
” Land & House 163684.00
” Investment (FD) 12000.00
By Closing Balance
Cash in hand 56048.46
By Cash at Bank
”    ICICI Bank 3434.55
”    ICICI Bank (FCRA) 685.37
2485261.38 2485261.38
Income and Expenditure Account for the year ended 31.03.2015
To Food Exps 697826.00 By    Local donation
” Telephone 26860.00                Rosary Trust 1917297.00
” Fuel 26376.00                Give India FC Fund -Give India 9886.50
” Medicines 66191.00 ”   Give India USD Fund 77128.15
” Electiricity 64206.00 ”   Give India Local Fund 428278.30
” Postage & Stationery 3059.00 ”   Bank Interest 6131.00
” Travel Transportation 20400.00 ”    Bank Interest FC A/c 395.00
” Utensils 20209.00
” Vehicle Maintenance 376211.00
” Salary 519100.00
” Rent 91500.00
” Student Project 19880.00
” Winter clothes 107880.00
” Sewing machines 79020.00
” Misc. Expenses 130691.00
”  Depreciaiton 52668.00
”  Excess of Income over Expenditure 137038.95
2439115.95 2439115.95
Balance sheet as on 31.03.2015
Liabilities Assets
General Fund Fixed Assets
As per Last balance Sheet 1242065.29 Equipments 30918.63
Add: Excess of Income Add: Additions 0.00
          Over Expenditure 137038.95 30918.63
Less.Depreciation 4638.00 26280.63
Computer 9491.00
Less: Depn 949.00 8542.00
Land 100000.00
Add: Additions 163684.00 263684.00
Building 927968.54
Add: Additions 0.00
Less.Deprn 46398.00 881570.54
Furniture 6828.69
Less.Deprn 683.00 6145.69
ICICI M.F 110713.00
Add.Investment 0.00
Less.Withdraw 0.00 110713.00
Fixed Deposits 22000.00
Current Assets
Cash in hand 56048.46
ICICI Bank (FCRA) 3434.55
ICICI Bank 685.37
1379104.24 1379104.24
As per the accounts produced for audit
Tirunelveli Junction        R.B.K.Samuel
Dated : 30.09.2015 Chartered Accountant.
Signficant accounting policies
1.  The assessee follows the cash system of accounting
2.  There is no stock in trade.
3.  Depreciation is provided by written down value method.
4.  Fixed assets are shown at cost less depreciation.
5.  Investments are shown at cost.

(5) Staff Remuneration

Head of organization : Rs.00.00 per annumHighest paid: : Rs.108000 per annum
Lowest paid : Rs.36000 per annum

(6) Distribution of Staff According to Salary

Slab of gross salary (in Rs) plus benefits paid to staff (per month) Male staff Female staff Total staff
Less than 5000  9 5 14
5,000 – 10,000
10,000 – 25,000
25,000 – 50,000
50,000 – 1,00,000
Greater than 1,00,000

(7) Remuneration to Board Members

1 Fr. T. Iruthayaraj President Rs. 00.00
2 Mr. A. Arockiasudhan Trustee Rs. 00.00
3 Mrs.  Pauline Trustee Rs. 00.00
4 Mr. Alexander Trustee Rs. 00.00
5 Mr. Paul Trustee Rs. 00.00
6 Mr. Amalraj Trustee Rs. 00.00
7 Miss Celin Mary Trustee Rs. 00.00

(8) International Travel and National Travel

No personnel traveled international or national level so far.

(9) Amount Reimbursed to All Board members:

1 International Travel Rs.00
2 Domestic Travel Rs.00
3 Local Conveyance Rs.00
4 Entertainment Expenses Rs.00
5 Others Rs.00

(10). Position of Board Members

No. Name Status Address
1 Fr. T. Iruthayaraj (B.A., M.A. Sociology)  President K.Kailasapuram, Gangaikondan, Trinelveli Dt, 627352, Tamil Nadu
2 Mr. A. Arockiasudhan Trustee K.Kailasapuram, Gangaikondan, Trinelveli Dt, 627352, Tamil Nadu
3 Mrs.  Paulin Trustee  K.Kailasapuram, Gangaikondan, Trinelveli Dt, 627352, Tamil Nadu
4 Mr. Alexander Trustee K.Kailasapuram, Gangaikondan, Trinelveli Dt, 627352, Tamil Nadu
5 Mr. Paul Trustee K.Kailasapuram, Gangaikondan, Trinelveli Dt, 627352, Tamil Nadu
6 Mr. Amalraj Trustee K.Kailasapuram, Gangaikondan, Trinelveli Dt, 627352, Tamil Nadu
7 Miss. Celin Mary Trustee K.Kailasapuram, Gangaikondan, Trinelveli Dt, 627352, Tamil Nadu